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2011-09-06 - 10:17 a.m.

A friend asked me to check out her diary and I did. While I was here, I thought... "What the hell? May as well post *something*, right?"

While I do miss the diaryland community as a whole, I will say that I have found that FB is a lot easier. It's easier in terms of being able to update a few sentences at random, even from my phone rather than log into a site and type out paragraphs. In retrospect, blogging served its purpose. For one, I did make a few life-long friends along the way. WIN for me!

Not too much has changed in my life (overall) since I was last here. I'm still in ATL and still working in this dull, mundane yet drama-riddled office.

Speaking of working in an office, I think if my office were more like The Office, I would probably be more excited to come to work. Then again, that's why it's a sitcom and not real life.


Until next time.... you know the drill... *grin*

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