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2004-06-09 - 7:00am

For those of you who are new or who just want more details on the people I regularly mention in my diary, here ya go:

Ben: My favorite guy on the planet! We've been married nearly 10 years and it's been some of the best times of my life.

Karyl: My Little Big Sister. She calls me her Big Little sister because though I'm older than she is by four years, she's taller by nearly 4 inches! I love her to pieces and am glad that she's also a good friend, too!

Trip: My cat. I don't have children yet so I spoil this feline like there's no tomorrow. If only all cats had it this good...

Alicia: My dear friend who I actually met through Diaryland. She and I are quite close and have actually hung out a few times. We keep in constant contact via IM and email as well as sending each other mini care packages. She's gorgeous as well as one of the sweetest girls I know!

Patty: My dear friend also who I met through her husband, Bill. He and Ben used to work in the same "department" of the F.A.A. She and I also keep in constant contact but with Patty it's more likely via phone chats than online. She's hilarious and always laughing. A barrel of laughs when we're together!

Jacqueline: Otherwise known as "The Baby". She's Patty's daughter and I've known Jacqueline since Patty's eighth month of pregnancy. She's like having another niece.

Last, but most certainly NOT least...

Melissa: My very close friend whom I've known since 7th grade. There was a period of several years where we had lost contact but thanks to we were reunited once again. She's one of my rocks and I know I can always lean on her for support and for great advice!

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