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2011-09-08 - 7:27 a.m.

While I am not the most spiritual person that I know, there are times that I feel definitely connected to "something". I suppose a better way to put this is that I'm not religious in the traditional sense; I don't attend church, I don't read my Bible regularly and I certainly don't preach sermons to anyone who will listen. I am more of the thought process that karma is a bitch so you'd better be nice to her! Seriously, though I definitely try to live my live in such a way where I treat others with kindness, generosity and respect. Naturally, I'm human so it doesn't always happen and I have my moments where I am weak and can be petty, etc. However, for the most part I am living my life with the mantra that I learned from Esther Hicks: "We never came forth for the struggle." Good words to try to live by!

Having said all that (what a mouthful, eh? go ahead, chew real well and then wash it down with a big, gulp of clear, refreshing water. there, doesn't that feel good?) I must say that there are times I am more connected to my spiritual vortex and when I am, I am amazed. For example, yesterday I was thinking about this particular friend of mine whose emails are very sporadic and wondered if I'd hear from this person again. I mean, it's been a few months since we last corresponded. I was driving home and wondering if perhaps interest was just lost in the friendship but then I realized that there are people in this world who think about others but they just get caught up in their day-to-day stuff that they lose track of people who are not constant and immediately in their lives. And that's ok. My husband is one of those people; he thinks about his long-distance friends all the time but doesn't stop long enough (usually) to either text/call/email, etc. Does this mean he doesn't want to be friends with those people? Hell, no. So, taking that example, I am beginning to apply it to the people in my life who are likely in the same thought process.

And ya know what? When I got to work this morning and opened up my personal email, there before me was a note from the very person I was thinking about yesterday. And ironically, they apologized for the long space between our last correspondence and mentioned that they think of me all the time but got busy and didn't write.

I am definitely evolving in this world. I am getting better (though I am a long way off) from looking at others through my own filters. Meaning, just because *I* think a certain way or react a certain way or do something (or not) a certain way, doesn't automatically mean that others think/act/feel like me. AND, this also means (i have to constantly remind myself of this) that doesn't mean I am unloved, unthought of, etc. It's a challenge for me, certainly especially when I have realized that there are people who are just not even capable of treating me as though I would love for them to do so. And I have to be okay with that.

So anyway... that's my lenghthy ramble for today. I appreciate anyone who took the ride. I hope you don't ask for a refund.

Until next time... peace, love & HEALTH!!!

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